About PSI:

Polymer Sciences, Inc. was started in 1997 by Michael Montgomery in Alpharetta, Ga. in the basement of his home. PSI initially focused on developing recycling strategies for injection and blow molders who wanted to reduce the increasing costs of polymeric materials in their operations. Michael found that through an integrated process of applying polymer rheology to recyclable plastics, significant cost savings for molders could be achieved while maintaining high performance in the material. Several partnerships were developed utilizing third party vendors to process materials purchased as scrap from industrial suppliers. PSI developed tight quality standards for all vendor operations in these Remote Programs for recycling, compounding and pelletizing materials.  Once all vendor operations were complete the resulting materials were compounded and supplied to molding operations at significant costs savings while maintaining performance levels equal to prime resin.

Soon PSI was supplying to Tier I and Tier II automotive accounts while meeting the stringent requirements for General Motors, Ford and Honda. This lead to other applications for recycling more difficult materials of the day including automotive fuel tanks and painted bumper fascia that were being land-filled. PSI resolved difficulties in reusing scrap automotive fuel tanks for molders allowing layers of EVOH and PE to co-exist in a new compounded material and made significant strides in removing paint from automotive bumpers. By 2001 PSI had grown from one employee to four, including one dedicated Polymer Scientist on staff for consulting, research and development as more and more programs opened up in the Midwest, Canada and Mexico. During that time PSI received three patents and additional intellectual property for material recycling to help increase Polymer Sciences exposure to world markets.

In 2004 PSI had grown to a staff of twelve people operating remote programs in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, South Carolina, Ontario Canada, Monterrey Mexico and Puebla Mexico. PSI managed over 20 million pounds of recyclable materials in these programs and was spending over $2 million annually for related vendor services. In an effort to reduce these costs and increase quality PSI began development of their own recycling facility starting in Puebla, Mexico outside of Mexico City with a 30,000 sq. ft. plant concentrating on PE and PP materials. In addition, PSI began purchasing domestic vendors and in 2006 consolidated these purchases in the acquisition of a 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Atlanta engaged in shredding, grinding and pelletizing PE, PP and PS (EPS & Dow- Styrofoam™).

Early in 2007 PSI opened a third facility in Miamisburg, Ohio outside of Dayton servicing the Midwest and automotive corridor with the goal of meeting our quality commitment and growth in customer demand for recycled plastics in industrial markets. PSI embraced strategies in economic forecasting; material hedging, Import/Export and financial planning to help the company through the financial crises of 2008. These strategies have help ensure Polymer Sciences’ staying power and tested their resolve to maintain their market initiative.

PSI has since consolidated operations after the wake of the financial crises, but remains a relevant and sturdy force in the plastics recycling industry.