Polystyrene - PS and Expanded Polystyrene - EPS (also referred to as Dow- Styrofoamâ„¢) are materials that PSI has dedicated significant portion of their operations to recycle. Generally thought to be un-recyclable by consumers and consumer groups, industry has long known the recyclable qualities of EPS. Polystyrene is mixed with air or foaming agents during molding to produce EPS by various molding companies. Air does not interfere with the recyclability of EPS which remains a common operation at PSI allowing for conservation through re-use of the material.

To recycle EPS effectively and economically requires dedicated equipment designed specifically to condense and melt at the same time, allowing the air to be removed and escape while preserving the material (de-gassing). This cannot be managed well with traditional recycling operations or equipment. Polymer Sciences' extruders allows EPS to be melted and compressed while producing pellets simultaneously so that un-necessary overexposure to heat is eliminated. Each time the material is heated and melted down (either in extrusion, compression or densification) the material properties and values are diminished. The PSI process is the least intrusive process for recycling EPS; it assures more precaution in material care and value while allowing greater sustainability of material properties for wide spread use. The resulting material may be used in most general purpose PS (GPPS) applications or can be compounded to produce high to medium impact PS (HIPS & MIPS).

Polyethylene - PE is a widely used commodity material in molding operations. Its versatility and process-ability are attractive in producing many things from bags to boat docks. Although PSI manages and recycles significant amounts of PE, PSI does not recycle film or bag type PE material.

Polypropylene - PP is another universally used commodity material. Although PE has significant staying power, both as a resin and in the market, PP adds stiffness and durability where PE fails. PSI recycles most all forms of PP excluding woven and non-woven PP fabrics or films.

Other Materials:

Please contact PSI with any applications you might have, if we cannot fulfill your recycling requirements we may be able to lead you in the right direction to find someone who can.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene - ABS is an engineered grade plastic material. Its complex ridged structure is used in molding small and medium sized parts in phones, bezels, and other parts requiring impact resistance and mold-ability. PSI recycles several different forms of ABS including ABS, PC/ABS, ABS/PC and other filled ABS materials.

Material Forms

PSI accepts material in most any size or form including: