Toll Processing:

PSI accepts parts, purge, plastic logs, plastic bricks, baled material, regrind or pellets for processing to your specific parameters including:

Remote Recycling Programs

PSI can manage many operations in remote locations without having to bring the materials directly to our facility initially. Although geography plays a key role in processing costs, we have developed operations throughout North America that overcome these limitations. Please allow us the opportunity to review your program and if we can’t manage it effectively we will recommend a reliable alternative. These options include:

  1. Set up temporary mobile recycling crews and operations at your site, or remote material location. These temporary portable crews can be sent to any location in the US, Canada and Mexico.
  2. Setting up long-term remote processing operations for ongoing projects with one of many operations throughout North America. We spear-headed this in the 90’s by developing low cost operations specific to program management any industrial waste recycling that service industrial areas around the country.

Certified Destruction

Certified Destruction of products is important to many organizations to make sure that inferior parts or seconds do not go to market. PSI takes our role in this process very seriously; we have been in business since 1997 and have an excellent reputation of honesty and reliability. PSI will weigh all material coming into our facility through certified truck-trailer scales with sealed trailer doors, the materials will then be destroyed and weights collected for reporting and verification by weight and examination. Customers are free to inspect their materials during the destruction process at any time, with or without notice. This method protects the customer and PSI to assure accountability in the destruction process allowing our customers written, documented and verifiable information for their records.

Material Purchasing

PSI purchases many materials in various forms for processing and re-sale, please call for further assistance.

Material Sales

PSI sells many materials in various forms for processing by end users and re-sale, please call for further assistance.


PSI has engaged in various forms of consulting including recycling strategies for various industries, writing opinion papers for administrative decisions, verify plastic price movements, equipment or process evaluation for investment and review investment opportunities in the plastics or recycling industry. Please call for any advice or assistance we may help with.

Research & Development

PSI has developed or helped develop several patents and proprietary processes over our 17 year history. We currently hold patents in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, parts of Europe and Asia. We also possess many technologies, intellectual properties and know how that can be easily duplicated but are not readily known in the market. Such knowledge gives us an edge in the recycling industry and allows us to help customers develop new recycling strategies in their own applications.