Industrial Plastic Recycling done right.

Size Reduction, Separation, Pelletizing, Compounding & More.

Polymer Sciences, Inc. (PSI) is a full service post-industrial plastic recycler. We are able to handle most all plastic recycling needs "in-house" for large, small and mid-size industrial accounts. We deal in truck load quantities of Polyethylene – PE; Polypropylene – PP; and Polystyrene – PS materials (including Expanded Polystyrene – EPS, also referred to as Dow- Styrofoam™).

With our combined processing capabilities including sorting, shredding, grinding, separation and pelletizing we have over 20 years of experience recycling material in the best possible and most protective processes. PSI utilizes our expertise and continuing commitment to quality and improvement to do the best work possible for your organization and achieve the highest material value through diligent and persistent hard work.
At PSI, we take customer care seriously and treat everyone as we would like to be treated, with honesty, integrity, loyalty and respect.

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Manufacturers Waste

Do you have plastic production waste that you would like to recycle?

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